After last nights fiasco I wanted to get to this next town where I had sort out a luxury hotel with POOL to rest for a day or two. I felt horrid but didn’t want to stay within this small crossroads town due to lack of many things but mainly a pool.

On the road early and my stomach felt horrid I think due to the dehydration, or was I actually ill I really hoped not. Many lovely people let me dash into their homes crying ‘Hong nam’ to use their facilities. Touring tip: for access to toilets gas stations and Tesco are regular and always clean. Also westernised toilets are available if this is a issue for you. I personally don’t mind the Thai toilets, I think they are right to continue with the natural squat position, when you get the hang of them.
I was reluctant to eat anything so didn’t buy any fruit. That was obviously a mistake due to being on a ride!! So got a good selection of dried fruit to tied me over. In hindsight picking dehydrated foods probably not the best choice whilst trying to rehydrate my body. 
 It looks like this town employs the same garbage despots company as Kentucky state. Inhaling burning plastic not my highlight of the day!!
Finally in the distance we saw some old marmite mountains. I am looking forward to them mmmm am I really?
On arrival to our little piece of luxury i discovered they were all booked up. I could see the glimmering pool behind the reception taunting me with its aquatic beauty #better luck next.