So BOOM up at 4am it felt like winter when we rose from falling asleep with the air conditioning on, whoops (not very Eco!!) Set out on a big day well 80km not that big but big in this heat. It was pure nivarna cycling in the cool morning air, then we were blessed with a beautiful sunrise!

The next town we stopped for some breakfast and by the intrigued reaction of the locals I don’t think tourist are seen in these parts!! The price contrast was astonishing, I got a load of mangos for 10baht rather than the standard 50. The heat was high by breakfast around 9am, crazy!
As the heat rose so did our speed we were playing timetrials getting in each other slip stream. Oh ok I admit Andy was up front but I was still averaging 30km per hour, which is pretty decent loaded. Until we slowed for this enthusiastic cyclist where with one ring of my bell and she was nearly off her bike with excitement!
Stopped at the quaintest gas station ever with intricate wooden Thai structures, water features and these cheerful chubbies.
On arrival to Sukhothai we were flagged down by a friendly local. He was keen to help us find somewhere for the night and was super helpful. Unfortunately the place he recommended was a extra 12km which didn’t suit us since it was already 11.30am and baking.
We headed to a lonely planet recommendation Thai Baan guest house, which was lovely. This picture reflects the true humidity and temperature of the day.
Unfortunately I must not have eaten enough yesterday (I know shock horror) due to nearly bonking after the ride. I rolled around for an hour or so mistakingly trying to rehydrate. It wasn’t until I ate I had realised my error in diagnosis. Lessons learned a rice soup the night before and small quantity of fruit will not suffice.