So after yesterday’s bonking fiasco and missing out on a days sight seeing we are heading down the road to the old city. Literally down the road 15km away.

We found a hidden treasure of a luxury guest house with pool. Maybe I will bonk regularly to get this treatment.
Discovering the city by bike is apparently the only way. I am not sure if you know but we happen to have bikes with us. I would always be a bit biased to say it’s the best way to see any city especially if you are short on time. The ruins were stupendous with a range of budda status’s glistening in the sun.
Each monument was complimented by luscious flowers and bushes!!
I also met a intrigued bike enthusiast that requested to take some photos of our babies. Obviously agreed and it was a pleasure to encounter a local with perfect English, I miss you Witty lol.
Got to see both ends of the spectrum the morning light reflecting on the status.
Then just caught the end of a sunset over the city.