Fortunately last nights huge electrical storm had finally passed by the time we woke at 4am. We had been in ore of it while taking an evening dip in the pool, until I panicked a little. Suddenly a scene from the film Final Destination flew through my mind due to the close proximity of a large electrical pillions and we vacated to the sun loungers.


Back on the road we had no time to warm up as we were chased out of town by a few over friendly dogs! It’s surprising that it’s the owned dogs that seem to give us the most hassle. The strays either can’t be bothered due to the heat or don’t have the energy due to not bring feed. Either way they are far more chilled!!

The road was a main one, which equals immaculate surface and huge shoulder! Thanks a lot Thailand!!
Despite it being classed as a main road there was not too much traffic, especially at this early hour. The pan flat roads of the last few hundred km started to show some slight signs of undulation and we both got very excited about what the North has in store for us.

Toilet generally haven’t been a problem in Thailand, but we did have a stretch of about 20-30km with no gas stations etc. The thought of going in a bush here is horrifying when I consider the amount of snake road kill we have seen. 

Fortunately a considerate lady running a coffee hut came to my rescue and let me use her outhouse. 

We found a hidden paradise amongst the native Thai bush on the outskirts of Tak and the fact it had a classic old bike out front was all the encouragement we needed to pull in in search of food.
By this point we were both raving hungry and after amusing our hosts with our poor grasp of the Thai language they produce a real shroom treat!!
It seems that the language has changed slightly now as we have entered the North of the country and the phrases that worked well for us further south are meet with a few more blank looks or fits of giggles.
We have heard that Tak is quite a commuter nothingness town so choose to stop just before in this jungle haven.