As we left our jungle hut our lack of water needed to be rectified. We headed towards Tak not expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. The town was in great condition with good communal facilities. After getting a bit lost we took advantage of a handy pedestrian bridge over to the towns market.

The locals were a cheery lot beeping and clapping us as we passed. Here I loaded up with my favourite rambutan, mango and cold water.
This town got even better on our way out.
Gandalf must live somewhere close because he left his road bike parked up.
We stopped just up the road to devour our mangos and were greeted by these friendly faces.
This German couple had also cycled from Bangkok though via a slightly different route to ourselves. It also happened that they were heading towards Chiang Mai, I have a feeling we shall see them again.
At the next town we stopped for some water in the first none 7eleven/Tesco supermarket we have seen. It was so interesting checking out local produce and products. I got a bag of some spices and garlic (turned out to be chilli garlic).
Due to being vegan in rural Thailand this basically means eating rice and fried veg, which adds up to a potentially large quantity of oil each day. We resorted to buying plain steamed rice and mish-mashing something together in the hotel room for lunch, then eating out in the evening. Roll on Chiang Mai and its high quality selection of vegan restaurants.
Stopped at another huge holiday resort by the river and they had a pool woooo. Also, Gandalf must holiday here as well as we found his mountain bike.