As the sun rose we were on the road heading back through the rolling hills from the day before! Being surrounded by this epic scenery was after all what we had came for #LoveNorthernThailand!

As we headed out of town, panniers full of fruit from the local morning market and under an extremely friendly police escort, we spotted Johan and Linni, the lovely German couple from yesterday. We were fortunate to ride with them for a lot of the day.
They had bought there bikes and gear in Bangkok on arrival and were proof that you don’t need a fancy bike or expensive gear to go touring. They had picked up their second hand rides for around £60 each and were both running just a 7speed setup with a basket up front on Linni’s.
Total respect to them for just embracing the adventure & it goes to show you can do it on any budget, any bike, anywhere. There are no limitations if you want to make it happen. I personally find it hard to imagine road touring on anything but Sadie, as we now have so much history together.

It was great to ride with these guys whilst exchanging road stories. They had been having similar problems with dogs and the heat. Below are our thoughts on how best to deal with them.

After breakfast we lost each other in the town. Then there were two!
The locals in northern Thailand are some the most friendly around. I had my bell ringing and smile out all morning greeting everyone with a ‘Sa-wad-dee-ka’.
We were thoroughly enjoying the ride and didn’t even realised the km pass, then realised why #tailwind.
Monster fruit, we have tried the famous Durian, but really didn’t enjoy it in Bangkok. It tasted like luke warm feet. Fun fact, it is banned from most hotels and trains due to the smell! Andy thought there was a gas leak when we first tried it. I feel we need to give it another go now we are in the land of Durians. Think this is might actually a Jack Fruit, which looks the same but tastes a bit better in our experience.
Finally arrived at our destination 75km away Googles 60km was a bit of a miss count!! Touring tip: never rely on google maps. Not that we did as we have our friend Garmin. Touring tip two: never unquestioningly trust a Garmin either.
This is where we also met three other intrepid travellers from France. There epic journey started back in India and they are doing a mammoth 13,000km for Global Drawing. You can check them out via FaceBook at