If I could single out one thing that our tour of Thailand has so far been missing it would be elevation. Luckily today would signal an end to this climbing drought as we set our sights on crossing the Khun Tan mountain range.

The day didn’t disappoint the views were mind blowing and the climbs were constant but gradual and rolling, my favourite.
It was a total different experience we were out within the jungle and felt the true beauty of the country.
We paused at the top of the climb at a temple/animal quarantine centre. Here I met the cutest Alsatian pup of the trip which I actually made contact with. Well I didn’t have a choice he leap up at me demanding some attention.
On the decent it reminded us both what we love about hills. What climbs up must glide down and we both were invigorated with a speedy adrenaline fuelled decline!!
I stopped in the town just before on final destination to wander around the markets. As always they had a abundance of fresh ripe fruit that I purchased for lunch. Wandering round the markets are always fascinating there are many alien foods too us and though I now know how to ask ‘what is this?’ understanding the reply is still work in progress.
We pushed on the day in hope of a piece of paradise i.e a pool. As we turned off the main road we hit a dirt road. So Andy’s fat tyre have been useful even if very briefly.
On arrival we met up with Linni and Johanis who we fortunately had dinner with later that evening.   They are a fine example of touring on any bike, budget, experience and gear. They literally bought everything in Bangkok as cheap as possible and just started cycling. We both agreed they must be incredibly fit to be able to tackle those climbs on the heavy Thai bikes though they do have youth on their side.

  1. Ingrid
    May 18, 2015

    Youth!! You are not allowed to say that, that makes us old peopled feel even older ha ha
    The new youth limit is not 30 anymore, it have been pushed up to forty now!!

    • Look Mum No Car
      May 18, 2015

      Lol agreed! Although everyone keeps mistaking us for ‘kids in their 20’s on a gap year from uni’ haha if only it were true.