Being in no rush to get to Chiang Mai we said cheery-o to the Germans and instead opted for a late start and a shorter day to Lamphun.

The road was back to being fairly flat and smooth with the only exception being this slightly dodgy detour.

We have seen a few very life like waxworks of Buddhist monks recently and the ones today were some of the best! We had to actually sit and watch them for awhile to convince ourselves they were not real and didn’t need rescuing from their David Blaine style glass prisons.

Upon entering the town Alex spotted the sign for Vegan (17) outside a restaurant and we naturally had to test it out!

A few portions later we were back on the bikes and in search of a bed for the night. After much searching we finally found one close to our price range of 500B (£10) and it was slap bang in the centre of the old town.
With it still being early and despite just having eaten we headed out to explore and hunt down more vegan delights.
Lamphun is now a large modern city, but at its heart you can still clearly see the ancient walls and moat.

We found a huge indoor market selling all sorts, most of which we had no idea what it was.

Hunger eventually hit and after a huge fail at the first attempt we were saved by this lovely lady who knocked up plate after plate of ‘cow-pak’ (rice and veg) for me and even sorted us out with some super fresh mango for free!

After a bit of a late siesta we woke to the sound of classical Thai music and headed out to investigate. There turned out to be a bit of a party going on outside the temple and a night market had sprung up from nowhere as well, shutting down one of the main streets.

We hung out for a bit enjoying our first live music in ages before taking some time to walk around the temple.



Where we found an imprint of Buddhas footprint, he must have been a big old boy.