What a fascinating couple of days. I feel meeting Mal (Our Warm Showers host) has highlighted all of the research I had been doing recently. Listening to his story of how he beat bowel cancer by turning to a vegan diet was inspiring and I feel I want to shout it from the roof tops. All of the books, papers and articles I have been reading were coming together and Mal was living breathing proof of the positive result a change to this lifestyle can have!

Mal and Lee’s adventures and mammoth recumbent bike tour of over 3 years, 30,000+ km and 18 countries left us with some serious wanderlust to continue after this trip!


For more info on just how Mal beat cancer and their cycle touring exploits just click these links. 
They took us to a posh all you can eat restaurant (yes I know what your thinking, but here in Thailand those two things do somehow go together) that had an epic spread of Thai cuisine, all of which was of course Vegan!



Then to a temple where after reserving a blessing from a resident monk for donating food guided us around, explaining much of the history and symbolises.
With our heads crammed full of Thai and vegan education we hit the road to Chiang Mai proper. Surprisingly the Garmin Touring self mapping came up trumps and lead us a merry dance along beautiful village back streets all the way into town and our next Warm Showers host Nong.



Here we spent a lovely evening enjoying yet more vegan specific restaurants and we’re lucky enough to stumble on a cultural festival taking place at Wat Chedi Luang.