Chiang Mai is vegan heaven!! After a different vegan or vegetarian specific restaurant for each meal over the last few days we left town with heavy hearts and even heavier stomachs.


A huge thanks to our WarmShowers host, Nong, for making us feel so welcome. Her and Dells kindness and refuge was appreciated greatly. Leaving in the wee hours so still a little dark and dogs were snarling and growling on every corner. We headed out of town via the Zoo where we met a few of the early RawTill4 Thai Fruit Festival crew before leaving them to climb Doi Suthep as we continued north in search of new hills and the Myanmar border.


The route out of town was on a smooth cycle path for about 5km.


Unfortunately it turn to a dirt track when out of the city limits so we reluctantly swayed back onto the road, just in time for some very muddy road works.


The rest of the ride was relatively flat until lunchtime. On our first climb Andys stomach started to grumble so we stopped in this idilic cafe.


Afterwards we took a detour to see a real (well almost) pink elephant.


We pushed on over the rolling hills (my favourite type of cycling) and neither of us wanted the day to end.


As we approached the 80km mark the clouds were collecting in the distance and we knew we didn’t have long to find shelter.


Some times on tour you luck out with accommodation and other times you have to make the best of what’s on offer. I’ll leave you with the photo below to work out what it was on this occasion.