The best ride of the whole trip so far, plus some motor cross action thrown in for good measure!!

Not wanting to be accused of taking a knife to a gun fight, Alex took a wheel barrow to the breakfast fruit buffet.

We awoke to the unmistakable beat of a pounding sound system in the distance. When we realised it wasn’t the cleaner getting their groove on or an after party from Saturday night we left to investigate. There was in fact a motor cross composition in full swing which gave me some fond memory of Southsea Skatepark.

So we left ridiculously late due to our luxurious hut and totally forgot about our friend the Sam the Sun and his Mrs Harriet Heat. Fortunately Mother Nature had our backs covered, literally by trees.



The day was immense, each corner hid a new piece of natural eye candy and there were surprises around each bend.


During lunch Andy spotted this rifle lent up so we were sure to pay the bill. From what we understand they use them to hunt giant catfish! Not really a fair fight if you ask us.

From here on in the scenery exploded with life, the soil is so rich and the roads remained super smooth.

This lady was my hero for the day. She must have been 80 years old if she were a day and was just casually walking along with a homemade woven backpack. Shame you don’t see more of this everyday fitness back home.

After passing a temple in danger of being occupied by some persistent looking trees we were on the home straight.

Rolling into town there was only one option in terms of accommodation and although it had a few to many bugs kicking about at least the roof top sunset was a nice touch.

Off out now to pick up some fresh treats from the market that has since sprung up along the main road.