Just in case you were in any doubt about the prevalence of rabies infected dogs in Thailand and the do’s & don’ts when you run into them, they have produced thus handy roadside sign.

For more info on how we deal with dogs while touring check out the video below.


Today’s ride was not the most picturesque of the trip in terms of the road. We were on a medium sized drag with relatively high traffic for this part of the world. That’s not to say the scenery wasn’t great as we had mountains off to each side of us, but no real climbs to speak of as we cycled through the long flat valley.
After a lunch stop in the shade on the floor outside an enormous Tesco’s, yeah I I know but honestly it was slim pickings today and with limited options this was the best of a bad bunch, things got better.


We passed a few cycle rickshaw taxis ridden by some very old, enthusiastic and unberlevably lean chaps.



We stopped to rest in the shade of a beautiful Wat.

And again to admire this wooden carving of the elephant God.

The last rest stop of the day was with the now very familiar 7/11. As always the air con inside was cranked up like a fridge and there was plenty of chilled water and dried bananas to be had.

We ended the day in lovely town crossing the Kok river, which turned out to be quite the tourist destination.

After getting an amazing vegan feast from one of the many restaurants, including an impromptu show from some new born chicks living in a straw hat lampshade, we found a hotel by the river and sunk into a couple of loungers to watch the sunset.