For weeks now we have been noticing Thai workers covering every inch of their bodies in clothing despite the heat.

This has included home made balaclavas, woolly gloves, jeans and even jackets! The thing is wearing all this clothing does make them hot, but it will also stops their skin being exposed to the Suns harsh Rays and today was the day Alex finally gave up sunbathing in favour of covering up!

Our day started as usual with a trip to the already bustling market, but along side our standard fair of fresh fruits Alex also picked up this long sleeved jazzy number. Very Lumbersexual.

Finally on the road we headed a few km on a busy road before my route skills kicked in and the rest of the ride was along quite backroads with huge mountain ranges flanking us as we headed north to the Myanmar boarder.

With the rains still not yet materialising many farmers have not had enough water to plant a second rice crop this year. The result of which will be felt by all as prices are bound to rise later in the year.


It’s harvest time here in Northern Thailand and the Transformer like combine harvesters were out in force in the fields.

Soon the sun was beating down with a vengeance, so much so this lady had taken to using an umbrella as a sunshade while riding.

As we approached the southern banks of the Ruak river, signalling the boarder the last of the traffic died away and we were left alone on a pristine road following the river west.

Where the Ruak meets the Mekong is known as the Golden Triangle and you can stand in Thailand and see both Myanmar and Laos just a stones through away across the water!

After a quick ride on some fake elephants we trotted off to find a vegan friendly restaurant overlooking the neighbouring countries.

The waitress was sure she had miss understood when we placed our order, but after much reassurance, convincing and amused giggles from the rest of the staff the dishes started to flow.

A sunset stroll up to the local Wat (temple) was a breathtaking end to a remarkable day and seeing the sun go down over three countries at once will stay with us forever!


  1. Ingrid
    Jun 15, 2015

    No chance! copy cat! I wear lumbejacks nearly everyday, extended my collection five numbers now!!

    • Look Mum No Car
      Jun 16, 2015

      Lol Hmm, not sure your one to talk about copy cating… How is your Big Block?

      • Ingrid
        Jun 16, 2015

        rode it yesterday first time after the crash… ha ha like brand new, done prob just 1 ride on it!!

        • Look Mum No Car
          Jun 16, 2015

          Nice1 glad to hear your back riding! We both can’t wait to get back on ours!!!