The road was eerie and deserted as we followed the Mekong river along the Laos border. This is a ghostly tourist town that doesn’t appear to have many locals in, this made the roads open and clear for our exit, happy days!!

We took one tempting look at the Laos mountains and bid them farewell and looked forward instead to climbing them in the future.

These beautiful structures are for the ceremony of burning the dead in a public cremation.

After a windy country backroad Andy had taken us on we ended up here on a deserted highway. It was so new it wasn’t even on our maps!

After 10-15km we realised why, it had yet been finished. But luckily we didn’t need to double back and instead looped round and found a alternative which blessed us with green pastures.

The sun was really kicking in by early afternoon.


In the distance I could see what I thought to be a mirage, but as they got closer it was apparent to be two fellow tourers. Plus these guys were a couple and Sadie got to meet her long lost sister.


They were on a epic journey around Asia, with the primary focus on exploration to serve in effecting positive change. They hope to contribute to larger movements that are addressing the effects of global issues, such as climate change and poverty, on threatened environments and people. This may sound dramatic, but if you check out their blog here you will see it’s not, especially their time in Nepal!

Shortly after saying farewell we made it to Thailand’s most northerly city, Chiang Rai and found a lovely plush hotel.

We just got so hot we couldn’t bare cycling round searching for a deal so this would do nicely. It was very close to the jazzy clock tower that has a timed disco and light show every evening, very Disney.