From the edge of town we started seeing signs for Chiang Mai and felt a bit like we were heading home.

Shortly after passing the Singh dragon we hooked a left and rolled down to the Chiang Mai’s famous White Temple.

Despite being clearly very striking in the morning sun we were unable to enter the White Temple and instead had to settle for having our photo taken outside. Still not a bad place for our second breakfast though.

Back on course we said ‘sa-wad-dee-krap’ to this bunch heading the opposite way and kept getting passed by vehicles full of mountain bikes, although we never found out where the race was.

It was turning into another scorcher and after gulping down the last of our water we pulled over to get out the sun and refill.

No sooner had we sat down in the shade outside a makeshift shop there was a crack of thunder and the rain started. We took the opportunity to use the owners facilities and for those of you who are yet to experience the delights of a traditional Thai bathroom this is what your missing.


Luckily the rain didn’t last long and as quick as it had started there was soon no trace of it and looking for a place to stay the night.

The first place we stopped had no beds free, but did have a restaurant overlooking the river and after a few pap-piers we explored the grounds and even crossed the water via this fully bamboo bridge, no nails, screws or rivets in sight.

By the time we were back on the road it was getting late, but with another hotel in the next town we figures we would be fine. Wrong! There was a huge wedding going on next to the hotel and the disco was so loud the windows and doors in the room were shaking. So back on the road with the sun going down we saw a sign for Mango Sticky Rice 6km and started time trialling to it.


As luck would have it just next to the food stall as a third hotel and this time not only did they have space, it was set back in its huge grounds and even had a pool, perfect!