Getting on the road just after sunrise we were rewarded with a cool (well by Thai standards, high 20’s) and still morning. It is so lovely to cycle at this time of day and once on the bike have never regretted it.

I think this would be my perfect touring weather, unfortunately for me the temp soon jumps up by around 10 degrees C to 39 and in hindsight probably the hottest month of the year in Thailand is not the best time to start a bike tour lol. 
The terrain is still very flat with perfect surfaces. In fact ideal conditions for a road bike #BetterLuckNextTime! Andy rates the roads on a par with France and in case you were in any doubt French roads are where it’s at for road riding!
We admired some beautiful ‘Wat’ temples. Apparently you can go and share delicious meals with the monks in the morning from 11:00, after the monks have eaten. The monks collect donations of food from townsfolk in the morning, take it all back to the Wat, prepare it then eat. In fact, like us, the monks prefer a Vegan diet should result in there being something suitable for us to enjoy as well. We haven’t been able to try and test this for ourselves as yet, so keep a eye out.
First hill of the trip in the distance so still no climbs for us. Who would have thought I am craving a climb! NZ what have you done to me?
Passed by these original treasures. There was also one as a Watermelon and Coconut. The place looked pretty derelict I have no idea why!!
Little interesting fella looked very cozy chilling in the shade.
Stopped at Chai Nat for the evening in this fantastic resort with a pool ahhhh. Goodbye afternoon sweaty hotel room. Hello sunbathing and basking in the pool!
The room was a little piece of luxury too.