Not such a early start due to the included breakfast (jam on toast) and another cheeky swim delaying our inevitable start.


Today was short and sweet to Uthai Thani we spotted another hill in the distance and the roads continued to be in perfect condition.

Oh yeah and I nearly ran over this!! Touring Tip: always avoid sticks, rope etc in the bike lane as it might turn out to be a snake!
We have seen more diverse wildlife in a week here than our whole time in NZ (well not including birds of course).
When we arrived Andy got us a room at the aptly named PBS hotel whilst I circled the small town hunting for some breakfast.
I managed to find some mini Thai bananas and in a panic bought two massive bunches thinking this was the only fruit left in town.
What we have learned is that market stalls pop up at different parts of the day and there is always ripe fruit available!
Uthai Thani is the quaintest and prettiest town we have encountered so far.
We managed to actually get out and see the sites when it had cooled in the late afternoon.
My conclusion is that Thai stray dogs are the spiritual guards of all temples. It’s amazing to witness the intellectuality of them in action.

  1. Ingrid
    May 07, 2015

    I’m so jealous of that fresh fruit choice you have! I’m healing my bones with this vegetarian no sugar/salt/alcohol diet and struggling to buy proper fresh fruit&veg here!

    • Look Mum No Car
      May 07, 2015

      Good job on going veggie! Getting good ripe fruit in the UK is a joke compared to Thailand unfortunately. Try buying in bulk from an independent shop of farm. We get a deal to buy all the ripe bananas off one shop as apparently no one likes them once they go spotty & brown aka ripe… Currently living off rice and veg wishing you a speedy recovery!!