We left at sunrise and pushed on for Nakhon Sawen aka ‘The Gateway to the North’. We did the 50km ride in one, only pausing for this.

His suspension surely will be knackered, but unbelievably this is not the biggest load we have seen in a pickup.
The roads are so flat here I think a river bridge was the closest we got to a climb all day. Would be a perfect TT road.
On arrival we shot round a few hotels to weigh up our options in this rather large city. On route I stumbled across a shoe maker and finally my big toe will be dry in the rain!! It was fascinating to watch her unpick, melt and sew my trainer back to health. They should do me another 4yrs now, thanks Nancy.
Next stop luxury hotel to have a dip in their pool.
After hours of supervising Andy reliving his 12yrs old self we went to find home for the night in a more reasonably priced establishment.

  1. Ingrid
    May 07, 2015

    I can’t decide which surprises me more – mended trainers or you taking bikes up to the bedroom ha ha

    • Look Mum No Car
      May 07, 2015

      Lol both very us!