We felt well ‘rested’ and a bit sore after a decent hike up to the golden temple in Nakon Sawan the previous day.

It was well worth the effort with this gigantic golden temple and Buddha as a reward.
Though very eager to get back on the road. We knew our day was slightly longer and the temp had risen from 38 to 39 degree resulting in us starting in the dark. We did consider just doing a full night ride but then thought we wouldn’t see anything at all so binned that plan.
As it turned out we would have missed a lot. Today we made some friends.
Bit weird but they were going to be set free later (apparently). They persistently hopped into a local man store, so he bagged them up to let them loose in a more suitable location.
Mangos are abundant within this area. I have a feeling this is where all the dried mango is created in the world. There was home after home laying out their produce to dry in the baking heat. At least this sun is beneficial to some.
We stopped to refuel and ate the most delicious khao and phak of the trip so far. The universal tip of seeing locals within there own restaurant definitely paid off. The language barrier did get us in a bit of a pickle. We had assumed we requested another portion. Later to find out we had said it was very delicious, which it certainly was, that’s why we wanted more lol. The heat was rising and we couldn’t reorder so hit the road. The owners were very kind and understanding with our awkward ordering attempts they even put our bottles in the freezer, what a real winner. 
Another victim bites the dust. Though selfishly felt relieved due to my close call, I was glad not to be the one receiving the bite.
Touring tip: Leaving NZ early than planned due to high cost of living left us in quite the predicament. After today I would severely suggest not to tour in Thailand through April and May, known internationally as the hot season. Unless you just want to cycle then hibernate in your air con hotel room until the next ride, then go for it. Though today was one of our most enjoyable rides my recovery was not. I think I was having too much fun to remember to drink. When we finally picked a bed for the night I was already delirious I couldn’t even barter for the room and ended up paying over the standard price for a grubby shared dorm.
Thailand tip: always check the room before paying however pretty it is on the outside.