Warning!! Rabid dogs and beautiful scenery ahead. Today we crossed the boarder into Kentucky!

Day 21

Ride Data

Literally as soon as we entered we were faced with this…

…though this was one of the tame ones.  Think we should recommended future tourers to get rabies jabs unless you have a fast pair of legs. We have been lucky so far though did clock one dog doing over 22mph while trying to catch us. Kentucky has many plus points including the friendly locals and outstanding scenery.

We saw some terrifying cliffs with intricate  layers.

More comical signs.

I think this should be their state flower because they are everywhere.

“Six dog attacks many hills and a pile of Mexican food layer we arrived at Freeda Harris Baptist centre.

Here we unexpectedly found showers and a pantry full of food to cook. We met the owners Greg and friend Travis that kindly showed us around and Kelly Greg’s lovely daughter made us feel very welcome.

We even got to shoot some bball in the centre.

Day 22

Ride Data

We had a late start, but still managed 50miles.

Met lots of locals loving what we were doing and even the gas stations promoted the route.

Me and Sam had a fight with a praying mantis.

Our afternoons stops were decided by the locals who kept stopping us to sign booklets and posters. One lovely store owner even contacted her family to come and meet us.

Had enough of the dogs so we invested in the dog beater which was a plastic grabber to protect ourselves from getting eaten alive.

When we arrived at Hindman church it again surpassed expectations.

“There was indoor services, games room and even a live sludge/stoner/doom/metal band playing, which was really cool!

We even had a sneaky jam later that night, I think i have found my calling in the drums.

Day 23

Ride Data

Today was a good day riding. Below is me mimicking Sams obsessive texting to his ‘friend’ Julia.

This is our first root beer float, so bad but so good at the same time.

We stayed at some more bike specific camping which had great facilities including a church hut and showers.

“It’s becoming really apparent that Americans love cyclist!

Beautiful sunset from our sleeping bags.

Day 24

Ride Data

“After a late start we stumbled into fellow tourers heading east, but on a tandem, very hardcore.

We had a warm showers booked in Berea, here we met Thom in his beautiful home. We had the best nights sleep on a memory foam mattress and shared a delicious healthy meal. We also met a lovely man called Bobby Craig that was extending his house with the help of Thom.

Day 25

Ride Data

Had a heart warming breakfast prepared by Thom and set off.

“We stopped in the red rooster at Danville where I stupidly walked in on a lady on the loo, whoops.

Andy had enough of technology so had a mini strop.

Arrived at Bardstown (number one small town in American 2013) to My Old Kentucky Home State Park.

It wasn’t needed but we had a campfire just for funzies.

Day 26

Well we set off for breakfast to a lovely cafe in Bardstown. This is just Andy’s meal below.

Of course Andy and Sam had to sample some breakfast bourbon beer.

“We headed to get some bourbon from a local shop where the owner said our maps were crazy and we shouldn’t be heading on that route.

So he showed us another safer option and we purchased some bourbon.

Just before we set off the skies opened on us so we took shelter in art galley until it died down. A lovely lady came out to greet us and kindly let me use the bathroom. Here I saw some original art work from her husband who was a very talented indeed.

We decided to have a rest day since the storms were due to get worst. So we found the best deal possible at the Best Western. Then fooled around all afternoon.

Day 27

Ride Data

Today has been the best day yet! We had lots of short but sharp inclines so we still got some good downhills and managed to break our record speed at 44mph BOOya!

We visited Hodgenville the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln (thought of you Megs).

“We took a break at a bike specific spot where we received free ice pops.

Here we met Ryan. He is a fellow tourer trying to cross country before he starts med school. We camped in the most idlic spot yet which was at Rough river dam state resort park.

Here Andy took some time to contemplate life.

Day 28

Ride Data

After a sweaty nights sleep we have realised a tent with poles in the outer layer = cooking alive. We need to invest in a new tent and would advice fellow tourers in hotter climate to do the same.

We stopped for a awesome breakfast down the road. On route we spotted some donkeys canoodling.

I also had this little man hitch a ride on my jersey.

Since we pushed on throughout the day we arrived early at the fire station in Utica. This was great because we had a chance to catch up with important chores like cutting hair, making a skirt and playing some games. Guess what we played?

We met up with Ryan again and met two more female tourers Melissa and Erica. They are raising money for Brandi Carliles. check out their page, www.lookingoutacrossamerica.com.

We also made mint choc chip bourbon root beer float wowzer!!

“That night we had our first full tornado warning with serious sirens!

The fire station we were at happened to also be the towns tornado shelter so we got to mingle with some locals. The storm luckily didn’t hit us but you could see it in the distance. The sky lit up in pink and purple flashes very exciting/terrifying!!

Day 29

Early morning start equals 26 miles before breakfast, we should try and do this more often!

Though we ended up taking a three hour break in Subway.

“We had a day full of calamities including Andy’s puncture, broken pump, broken panniers and Sams squeaky bike.

Though we did meet a jolly state cop that I convinced to have his photo taken.

Also, captured this cool little critter.

Our final destination was another church, this time the Marion United Methodist Church, which I am sure are getting better with every stop.

We met Ryan again and performed a puppet show, hunted for the bell tower and slept on comfy sofas, great stop!!