This morning we crossed the boarder to Illinois, BOOM!

Day 30

Ride Data

We stopped for some breakfast at Roses in Cave in Rock, which filled us all up.

Then got more refreshments a few miles down the road in Elizabethtown at this lovely cafe where the beautiful barmaid gave us a free sprite and filled our bottles up with ice cold water!

We stumbled on this idyllic lake where we saw some birds of pray.

The roads were steep and rolling for most of the day.

We had a warm showers at Tunnel Hill booked for the evening organized by Ryan. When we arrived we were faced with a steep gravel drive to concur just before the house.

“Greated by a lovely lady called Ann who offered us to jump into the pool, yes please 🙂

They had the cutest dogs ever, which even Andy fell for.

We enjoyed a tasty meal with Ann and Alan and listen to how they built their magnificent home.

Day 31

This morning I had a close encounter with a humming bird.

We set off for a short ride to Carbondale where we were meeting Sam’s dad. On route we stubbled across a little, but much needed rest stop at the top if a steep climb.

Here we met a fab lady that had converted her garden to a place of tranquility specific for bikes. She gave us iced water and biscuits which brighten up our morning.

“Our next stop was at Delaney’s in Goreville for a free milkshake.

We advise other tourers to do the same, also look out for our Polaroid picture on the tables.

We arrived by lunch time and hit the bike shops straight away. There has been none for 400miles and i dont think there is any more for a while. Andy has already burnt his back tyre away and I need a extra pair of shorts. We got all we needed at Carbondale Cycles (thanks guys!). Though I got very distracted by these feathered friends.

We met Sams dad Dwayne, legend!! He is a down to earth classic car and bicycle enthusiast that owns a bright yellow 1987 road bike, what a lad! Of course he was going to be cool he is Mobile Disco’s dad.

He generously bought us a hotel room and we chilled with some food and beers, which made for a delightful evening.

Day 32

So the weather reports storms and rain so we took a rest day. We were going to head to a warm showers for the evening but wanted to see some movies in he afternoon, but where to keep the bike you might ask…. as is so often the way in life the answer was DICKS!

DICKS is a sports store where you can buy any basketball kit you can think of including pink balls (yes that’s right Vick), camping equipment (including our new tent which will allow us to sleep with just the netting and no rain cover), cycling gear, oh yes and guns, lots and lots if guns!

This lovely gent with the best name in the world (Alex) let us store the bikes out back for the day.

We hit the cinema to watch ‘The end of the world’ which was hilarious.

“Andy was laughing out loud and we all know how raucous that is.

We enjoyed refillable popcorn with a butter station (Megan this would be dangerous territory for you). When we finally left our warm showers dropped through so we headed back to the motel from the night before.

Day 33

Ride Data Pt1, Ride Data Pt2

We rose the earliest so far to torrential rain outside, but braved it and pushed on regardless.

This made us ride incredibly fast and the terrain was finally very flat because we took the Mississippi levee alternate.

Though there was limited stop i.e none. A company half way along the route kindly let me use there bathroom. We also spotted this fella along the way.

Much of the route takes you through fish farm which was basically fast food for herons.

The morning cleared up pretty quick and we did 50 miles way before lunch. We landed in a quaint town called Chester only to discover it was Popeye’s home.

“We hit the Popeye museum and ate me some spinach.

Food was on the agenda so we hit the farmhouse diner downtown. Here we met two lovely ladies Janice and Bev and they kindly each gave us a cash donation for Mitiv8! Thanks girls 🙂

We went to the Eagle for bike specific camping to find this unexpected indoor hut.

Here we met Gay (a name not a lifestyle) who is a long time tourer and traveller (mum he is the same age as you). He was a warm hearted charismatic man that had completed many rides and had lots of stories to tell. 

“I had the unfortunate experience of finding a dead squirrel in the outdoor toilet and before I even informed the bar Gay had gloves on and was disposing of it himself, what a hero!

Later that evening we met a young brother and sister Rob and Miranda. They were heading east and have been the lightest/faster tourers we have encounter. They did 180 miles in a day what machines!!

After having dinner in the bar we went to bed with rain still falling, not that that stopped the beach volleyball tournament which was in full swing.