So one the first question on many people lips that we have encountered during our current cycle tour around New Zealand has not been why cycling or even where have you been, its why are you vegan??


What started as quite a selfish and personal choice has turned into much more through research and the effect this lifestyle shift has had on us. 

We have reduced it down to three key reasons

1: Health & Fitness
For our own personal health and fitness eating a simple high carbohydrate vegan diet has been key. We get all vital nutrient, vitamins and minerals from a diet high in plant based foods and yes that include Protein!

Reducing and eliminating foods high in fat (especially animal fats), processed chemicals, sodium and refine sugars assists our bodies to work as efficiently as possible. Remembering that fruits and vegetables are our friend sounds so simple now, yet we didn’t used to see the connection.

Our experience has taught us that far from being bad for you the high sugar/glucose content in ripe fruit is in fact exactly what our bodies needs to thrive on. In the 15 or so months since becoming vegan and more noticeably in the last month or so since following a more ‘Raw Till 4’ lifestyle we have dropped body fat, been energised for longer, not been sick and generally felt in the best shape of our lives! As the saying goes and we all innately know, you are what you eat.

In the long term the health gained from this lifestyle will reduced our chances of contact with the wests biggest killers, heart disease, cancer, stroke and the pharmaceutical industry.

Simply put a shift to a plant based, organic, wholefoods diet has resulted in an upward spiral of becoming fitter and healthier and acts as a cheaper form of long term health insurance.

2: Environmental & Social Benefits
Here are just a couple of the many well documented negative effects of the animal industry. 

It has been proven that the meat industry as a combined total is by far the single biggest contributor to climate change worldwide. Therefore as people who believes climate change is happening this realisation further strengthen our position and belief that our new lifestyle is a positive one. #BeTheChangeYouWantToSeeInTheWorld

In order to breed animals for food you need to produce a hell of a lot of food for them to eat! By simply stopping the process there and feeding humans with these plant foods rather then cows etc there would be enough for all 7+billion of us and starvation and world hunger would simply cease to exist!

3: Animal Welfare
When we consumed animal products we were complicit in the deception and bought into the propaganda these industries marketing departments pumped out. Looking back it was easier to believe the lie than face the uncomfortable truth. The truth that billions of conscious beings were being held in concentration camp conditions, treated with no thought for their welfare and ultimately murdered, chopped up and their flesh and organs packaged into marketable products.

The disconnect between consumer and the animals they eat is no accident and having had the vail lifted while cycling through Kansas, USA back in 2013 where we experienced just some of the horrors of the modern feeder farms we simply couldn’t continue to believe the lie anymore.

So there you go, that is why we are vegan. We believe it to be not only better for us as humans, but also better for the planet and the animals we share it with.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we have come to this conclustions watch this Earthlings video and check out the links below.

Starch Solution – Dr Mcdougall
The 80/10/10 Diet – Dr Graham
The China Study – T Colin Campbell 
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  1. ted edwards
    Apr 11, 2015

    How right you are. At the age of 63 even though I have spent a life time either swimming running or cycling I was diagnosed of having acid reflux. Now read up on it I find that this disease is approaching epidemic proportions in the number of people suffering from it. Its a major concern in America as well.
    The increase in the number of people suffering from it seems to coincide with the introduction of fast food and particularly Mc Ds in the 50s .So a lesson learnt too late for me but at least I can try and change my diet to manage the problem.

    • Look Mum No Car
      Apr 12, 2015

      Hay Ted sorry to hear that, but glad you are looking for a root cause and nut just treating the symptoms. Its never to late to to improve your health and fitness!