As many of you already know, and following the fantastic experience of last year, we are planning another ‘through the night’ ride to Stonehenge next Saturday, the 21st of December, to celebrate the Winter Solstice!

We will be leaving Southsea at 01:30 from outside bikeUlike on Albert Rd on the Friday night/Saturday morning.

The ride itself will be around 57 miles to Stonehenge and a further 10 afterwards back to Salisbury where we will stop in The King’s Head for breakfast before getting the train home.

Click here to view the route.
English Heritage is pleased to be offering ‘Managed Open Access’ for those who wish to celebrate the Winter Solstice peacefully.

Visitors will be allowed into the Monument when it is considered sufficiently light to ensure safe access. Entry will be available from approximately 07:30 hrs until 09:00 hrs when visitors will be asked to vacate the site.

Access might not be possible if the ground conditions are poor or if it is felt that access might result in severe damage to the Monument.

Toilets are available at Stonehenge for the duration of the access although these facilities will not be available prior to access commencing.

This is a truly amazing experience and cycling there just add to it! If you have never been to Stonehenge for a Solstice I would strongly encourage you to come along and not be put off by the early start!

If you are interested in joining the ride let me know and if you can’t make it, but know someone else who might be interested please forward this on to them.

This ride is open to anyone with any bike so long as they can ride 60 miles in 6hrs as it would be great to get as many people as possible along to share this experience!